Visual SQL query builder

  • Support for statement types (Select, Insert, Delete, Update)
  • supported join types (inner, left, right, self)
  • Meta-information available for inspection: Primary key, nullable, datatype etc.
  • Generation optionally includes schemanames into the built SQL-statements
  • Uses metainformation for generation. Example: if datatype information is available values automatically are quoted.
  • ability to visualize DB-stored relationinformation - only for displayed tables as well as for all tables (think of displaying a datamodel) - of course this information has to be provided by the database
  • Supports tablenames with whitespaces
  • For layouting issues fontsizes of your tables can be specified
  • No syntax-errors in queries
  • You see that your queries do what they are intended to do. This especially is an advantage in bigger queries.
  • Generates readable layouted SQL statements
  • Easier and faster than writing by hand. Just think of queries having a few joins, criteria, sorting clauses and all the other stuff.

[See a screenshot]

Reverse engineering of SQL statements - the Parser

  • Give sqlFree your statement and it will visualize it in its SQL query builder. You'll see what it does.
  • Preconfigure queries. Load and use them without writing them again.
  • Use placeholders in your statements and configure them at the time you are sending your statement to the database.

[See some screenshots]

Sending SQL statements to the database

  • Send your specified queries directly to the database and view the results.
  • Use any JDBC-driver you like for database communication.
  • The RMI-server of sqlFree gives you the opportunity to run it anywhere. So you just have to install a database-driver once. Connecting to this RMI-server you may access the database from any PC a Java virtual machine is available on - sqlFree will run as applet in your browser.
  • Characterencoding can differ between database and application. Specify it.

[See some screenshots]

Viewing returned results

  • Results may directly be viewed
  • Lazy read: You can configure how many results shall be read in a block. Interesting for very big resultssets.
  • Binary data fields are offered to be saved to disk
  • Generate XML-representations of your results
  • Generate appropriate Insert-scripts for the displayed results

[See a screenshot]


  • Information about your database is diplayed hierarchically in a treeview.
  • Generate XML/HTML representation of your database
  • Generate Drop-table scripts

[See a screenshot]


  • 100% java application
  • Included installer/uninstaller
  • No switching between operating systems for getting DB-information
  • Tested with databases: Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, Cloudscape, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, SAPDB, Solid, HSQLDB
  • Connecting to any database having its own JDBC-driver
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to configure



























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