sqlFree gives you the opportunity to build your SQL-statements visually as known from MS-Access. Parsing statements and visualizing them also is supported. Additionally the statements can be sent to a specified database and returned results viewed. Use the JDBC-driver you like. 100% Java!
On this page you can download a free evaluation copy of sqlFree. If you keep on using this tool for more then 30 days please register your copy. You support the development of the tool and will be notified if a newer version is available.
The evaluation copy is restricted to the following. At each start of the application:
  • maximally three tables will be shown at once
  • the generation of building SQL-statements can be triggered 3 times before you have to restart the application.
    See some [Screenshots] before downloading or read the [Featurelist]?
Installation instructions
JDBC-drivers sqlFree has been tested with (and links to them)
Download sqlFree (application and user guide)  





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